The Art of Rock & Roll

Hensler Art & Design builds 3 dimensional works of art inspired by the power of Rock & Roll.

The Rolling Stones, the Who, The Beatles, and countless others provide inspiration for designer and builder Kris Hensler. This 56 year old musician and professional carpenter has been building furniture and functional works of art for the last 35 years. More recently, Kris has turned his considerable skills to 3 dimensional fine art pieces designed to convey the raw power and majesty that is Rock & Roll. 

Each piece is built entirely by hand using select materials including various types of exotic and native lumber, steel, copper, brass, industrial artifacts, and anything else that meets the needs of a given project.

Coming soon to Hensler Art and Design 

Road Dog Furniture
Boston Terrier.jpg

Road Dog Furniture is a line of home furnishings designed and built around the road cases typically used by touring musicians in addition to other functional pieces of music inspired art for the home.