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The Number 4

18 in wide  X  45 in high

In the late 70's Pete Townshend had 9 Les Paul guitars that he used on tour. Each one had a large numeral behind the tailpiece which represented a different tuning. The number simply made it possible for the guitar techs to know what guitar Pete needed for any given song.  

This is my rendition of Pete's Number 4 Les Paul. The body is built from reclaimed hardwood. The neck is rosewood along with a figured White Oak headstock. The aluminum #4 came from an industrial salvage company on the west side of Chicago. The background is made from highly figured White Oak complete with a hand painted and distressed British flag. Rusted steel and copper components round out the Number 4's details.

This piece currently hangs in the Clyde Theater in Ft Wayne Indiana

Available for purchase.
$2,850.00 USD

Call 260.580.4842