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Happy Birthday

This song uses just 3 chords. C, F, and G7. Keep in mind that Happy Birthday uses the word “Happy” as a pickup note, which simply means that you won’t play the first C chord until the word “Birthday.” The other important part of this song is that it’s a Waltz… which means the beats are in groups of three (3) rather than four (4) like most popular music. 

           C         ●         ●         G7         ●   

Happy Birth  day      to        You


●         G7      ●          ●         C           ●

Happy Birth  day      to        You


●         C        ●          ●          F           ●

Happy Birth  day      dear    Kenny


●         C        ●          G7       C        

Happy Birth  day      to        You

           C                           F                          G7

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