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Over the Rainbow

Intro – C   F   C   G7



C                  Em                          F           C

Somewhere over the rainbow… way up high


F              C 

There’s a land that I heard of…


G7                   Am        F

once in a lullaby    




C                  Em                           F             C

Somewhere over the rainbow… skies are blue


F            C 

And the dreams that you dare to


G7                                Am       F

dream really do come true





Someday I'll wish upon a star


G7                                                        Am            F

Wake up where the clouds are far behind me



Where troubles melt like lemon drops



High above the chimney tops that’s


Am                F

where you’ll find me



      C                 Em                       F                C

Oh somewhere over the rainbow blue birds fly


F             C  

Birds fly over the rainbow…


G7                                 C

why then oh why can’t I


Outro – C   F   C   G7   end on C

       C            Em           F             G7          Am

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