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Tiny Bubbles

Intro - G    C    G    D7    G



        G                     D7

Tiny bubbles in the wine



make me happy… make me feel fine


         G              G7                          C

Tiny bubbles… make me warm all over



With a feelin’ that I’m gonna


D7                                G

love you till the end of time




So here’s to that golden moon



Here’s to the silver sea


         A7                                                D7

And mostly here’s a toast to you and me




          G                        D7

Tiny Bubbles…in the Wine



Make me happy make me feel fine


                D7                                 G

Make me happy… make me feel fine


                D7                                 G      D7     G

Make me happy… make me feel fine

      G             D7            G7            C             A7

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