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Just One More

 Intro – F   Bb   F   Bb


F                          Bb

I know a place…come sail away with me


F                      Bb

It’s paradise...out where the palm trees sway


F                        Bb

Consider this…I think you will agree


  F                        Bb

 Just One More…One More Day


 F                     Bb

 You and Me… Soakin’ up the sun


  F                          Bb

 Just One More… One more day away


  Am         Bb         Am           Bb                 F

 Just One More… One more day… in Paradise



 Interlude  –  F   Bb     1X



 F                    Bb

 Eventually… time will drift away


 F                      Bb

 Happy to be…watchin’ the clouds roll by


 F                    Bb

 I can’t see… Sailin’ off right away



 Repeat Chorus



 Solo – F   Bb   F   Bb




 Am                                             Bb

 Everybody do the limbo at the Bamboo Shack


 Am                                            Bb

 Dancin’ the night away before we head back



 But I’m thinkin’ about…


 Repeat Chorus


 Outro – F   Bb     F   Bb    End on F

              F               Bb              Am               C

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